process flow

  • 1.

    the company has large-scale, domestic advanced casting processing equipment to ensure the strength and quality of the castings and the quality of the mass supply process.  

  • 2.

    advanced and complete plastic shell and component injection and die-casting equipment ensure the quality of plastic explosion-proof electrical appliances and lamps.

  • 3.

    advanced automated mechanical processing equipment and self-developed special processing equipment ensure the accuracy of the processing of explosion-proof electrical products and the requirements of explosion-proof parameters; advanced equipment and technology can reduce production costs and control mass production quality.

user's guidance

customer service

as a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical appliances, the products we provide to users can fully meet the requirements of users and comply with relevant national standards.

after-sales services such as the use and installation of the products sold, maintenance and tracking services are our responsibilities and obligations; therefore, we will do our best to do technical support, quality tracking and other after-sales services for users.

  • technical support

    01technical support

    provide technical support for the full range of feice products, including product consultation, product selection and troubleshooting, etc.

  • business support

    02business support

    provide support for feice dealers and customers with qualification materials, telephone inquiries, and product purchase related information

  • complaints and suggestions

    03complaints and suggestions

    feice attaches great importance to the collection of customer complaints and suggestions, and will have a dedicated person to record and follow up the entire process to ensure that every customer complaint and suggestion is well handled

product manual