waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive led (cast flood road) lamp

1. more rain all year round,humidity,salt fog heavier areas;

2. the working environment is humid,there is water vapor place;

3. elevation of not more than 2000m;

4. the working environment contains sand dust,dust and other non-flammable dust;

5. the work environment contains weak acid,weak acid and other corrosive dust;

6. lighting for energy-saving projects and maintenance of replacement of difficult places;

7. as oil, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, military, warehousing and other places flood lighting, projection lighting or street lighting.

model implication


1. the shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy containing less than 7.5% magnesium and titanium.

2. stainless steel exposed fasteners with high corrosion resistance.

3. equipped with international brand led light source, using led lens for secondary light distribution technology, soft light, large luminous angle, high light efficiency, high color rendering, long life, green environmental protection, and reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination.

4. equipped with brand led driver, wide voltage input, with constant current, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, surge 

5. wide voltage range: 90v ~ 280vac input, quick start, there is no low temperature caused by difficult to start problems.

6. the light source cavity is made of high heat dissipation aluminum alloy material cold heading forming, the aluminum base plate of the light source circuit is close to the aluminum alloy shell, the heat of the light source is rapidly transmitted to the surface of the shell through the aluminum alloy shell; a large number of heat sinks are made on the outer surface to greatly improve the surface area of the shell. with the help of air flow, the heat generated by the led work can be effectively taken away, and the temperature of the led work node can be controlled in the best range to reduce the led light decline and greatly extend the service life of the led.

7. low loss, high efficiency, the input frequency range is 47 ~ 63hz.

8. toughened glass transparent cover, high light transmittance, impact resistanc.

9. low electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation can provide high quality lighting and health protection for users who work indoors for a long time.

main technical parameters

order note