water dust & corrosion-proof full flood lamp(floodlight)

1. more rain all year round, humidity, salt fog heavier areas.

2. the working environment is humid, there is water vapor place.

3. elevation of not more than 2000m.

4. the working environment contains sand dust, dust and other non-flammable dust.

5. the work environment contains weak acid, weak base and other corrosive gases.

6. as oil, chemicals, food, pharmaceutical, military, warehousing and other places lighting.

model implication



1. the enclosure is moulded by the high strength aluminum alloy for one time. its exterior has sprayed with plastic by high pressure static after shot blasting at high speed,which has fine explosion-proof functions.it has strong adhesion of plastic powder and great anti-corrosive performance. outer fasteners are made of stainless steel.

2. the transparent lamp housing is made of toughened glass with high energy shock resistance.it's the antiglare design.

3. the ballast is built in the lamp,whose illuminate is discharge lamp.it has energy saving of high efficiency and can maintain freely for a long time.

4. it can have horizontally installation or walled installation. adjusting in the range of 45°~90°.

5. in order to maintain conveniently, it used fibulae to fix.

main technical parameters


order note

1. in accordance with the specifications of the meaning of the specifications of the rules to choose one by one, and in the model spec- ifications after the addition of protective signs. reflected as follows: "product type - specification code protection order quantity." such as the need for waterproof anti-corrosion floodlight 150w high pressure sodium lamp with ballast, the number of 20 sets of orders, ip66 is the product model specifications: "model: sfd65 - specifications: n150z ip 66 20."

2. if there are some special requirements, it should be pointed as ordering.