water dust&corrosion proof circuit breaker

1. areas with more rain, more humidity and heavier salt spray.

2. the working environment is humid and there is a place for water vapor.

3. the altitude does not exceed 2000m.

4. the working environment contains non-flammable dust such as sand and dust.

5. the working environment contains corrosive gases such as weak acids and weak bases.

6. applicable to petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, military, warehousing and other places.

7. ins and outs the circuit infrequently, and protects the controlled circuit from overload and short circuit.

model implication



1. the outer casing is made of glass fiber unsaturated polyester resin engineering plastic or stainless steel. the product is resistant to strong corrosion and strong impact resistance.

2. internally install high-breaking miniature circuit breaker or low-voltage molded case circuit breaker, or install leakage protection device according to user requirements. ensure personal and equipment safety.

3. small size, neat and beautiful, occupying less space on the installation site, easy to install and maintain.

4. all exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel.

5. cable in and out of the line, according to user requirements can be made up and down, down and down, up and down, down and up and other forms.

6. the inlet and outlet ports are usually made of pipe threads, and the cable clamping and sealing device is arranged. it can also be made into metric thread, npt thread, etc. according to the requirements of the user's site.

7. steel pipes and cable wiring are available.

main technical parameters


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