acousto optic vehicle mounted integrated explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge instrument

1. entrance and other places

2. pump room and places where human static electricity needs to be eliminated during oil storage and transportation

3. places such as unloading port of gas station, self-service gas station, automatic fuel dispenser, etc

4. sampling, temperature measurement, ruler inspection, tank car filling and other places in petrochemical enterprises

5. oil depot, warehouse, workshop, workshop entrance and other places

6. other places that need to work after eliminating human static electricity.

model implication



1 human body electrostatic discharge and tank car electrostatic grounding function in one, sound, light or voice broadcasting workflow.

2 it has the functions of reminder and voltage value display (three options of reminder, voltage display and audible and visual alarm).

3. the static alarm has the function of vehicle inspection to eliminate false vehicle reception.

4 the alarm adopts sus304l stainless steel, which is durable.

5 the battery is designed with ultra-low power consumption and does not need to be replaced during normal use.

main technical parameters



order note

1. select one by one according to the rules in the meaning of model. the specific embodiment is: "product specification and model order quantity". for example, if an explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge alarm is required, the function is: acousto- optic voice alarm type, and the quantity is 20 sets, the product model is: fc-psa (acousto-optic voice alarm type) 20. also, if an explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge alarm is required, the function is: acousto-optic vehicle integrated type, the product model is: fc-psa-g (acousto-optic vehicle integrated type) 20.

2. if there are special requirements, please specify them when ordering.