explosion & corrosion-proof electric surge protector

1. hazardous: division 1&2;

2. explosive atmosphere: class ⅱ a, ⅱb, ⅱ c;

3. serious erosive gas environment;

4. this product can not use alone it must be used together with other explosion-proof enclosure.

model implication



1. the outer casing is made of glass fiber unsaturated polyester resin with high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal stability;

2. built-in surge protector with protection against low voltage distribution system to prevent the impact of transient surge voltage caused by indirect lightning strike or switching operation;

3. applicable to tn-c, tn-s and tt secondary protection systems, with fast response time and good voltage protection level;

4. the housing is provided with terminal contacts;

5. the surge protector needs to be equipped with a backup protection device!!!

main technical parameters



order note