explosion-proof sealing daub

it's used as explosion-proof isolation sealing for tube or cable wiring project.

model implication



1. good flexibility and anti-aging sex, high temperature not flow, low temperature not crisp crack (for type i);

2. it's with adhesive force for metal or cable, also has good tightness and explosive proof function;

3. it has no taste, poison and corrosion;

4. the efficiency will be better if it is used with explosion-proof isolating sealing connector.

main technical parameters

1. heat resistance: 90℃, it'll not flow in 5 hours and no dunk;

2. low temperature resistance: no change at -50℃;

3. plasticity: 5~10mm;

4. sealing feature: fill in g2isolation sealing box, it doesnt’ drop and displace within 1 min under 50 kpa water pressure;

5. explosion proof feature:32.2% mixed hydrogenium progagated blasttest, it'll not explode;

6. shocking voltage: withstand voltage in1minutes for 2.5mm test part, it has no shocking flashover phenomena when it is more than 4kv.

order note

1. according to the model implication's rules to select regularly, and ex-mark should be added behind model implication;

2. if there are some special requirements, it should be pointed as ordering.