explosion-proof cable clamping sealing connector

1. hazardous:division 1&2;

2. explosive atmospheres: classii ;

3. indoor or outdoor.

model implication



1. it`s made of copper or stainless steel material, copper surface can be passivated or nickel plated;

2. it convenient installation, wide application scope and high reliability;

3. suitable for clamping and fastening various kinds of armored cables(bdm9 and bdm12) or unarmored cables (bdm11);

4. ex-mark: exeⅱgb

5. degree of protection: ip65.

main technical parameters


order note

1. select one by one according to the rules in the model meaning, and after the model meaning increase the explosion-proof mark. specifically embodied as: "product specification model code anti explosion mark. if the explosion-proof cable clamp sealing joint is required, the product code is 9, made of inch thread, threaded , stainless steel. product model to: "bdm-d 9 g ex d iic gb ex td a21 ip66"

2. if the user has special needs, it must be specified at the time of ordering.