explosion-proof intelligent controller

1. it is widely used in flammable and explosive gas environment such as petroleum exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, offshore oil platform, oil tanker, etc., and also used in flammable dust places such as military industry, port, grain storage, metal processing, etc., for explosion-proof/three-proof intelligent lighting for remote communication and control

2. suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

3. applicable to explosive gas environment of ⅱa, ⅱb, and ⅱc;

4. applicable to zone 21 and zone 22 in combustible dust environment;

5. suitable for places with high protection requirements, humidity, and corrosive gas.

model implication



1. the switch cavity adopts an explosion-proof structure, and the inlet and outlet cavities adopt an increased safety structure. each cavity adopts a modular combination, and the cavities are not connected to each other, reducing the net volume of a single cavity, thereby eliminating explosion pressure overlap and enhancing the explosion-proof performance of the product; each circuit can be freely selected and assembled; small in size, neat and beautiful, occupying less space on the installation site; light in weight, easy to install and maintain.

2. the shell is made of zl102 cast aluminum alloy die-casting. the product has strong anti-corrosion and impact resistance. the shell has good explosion-proof performance. the product is marked with a permanent "ex" explosion-proof mark.

3. the main structure of the product is composed of a shell, a cover, a smart gateway, and an optical fiber transceiver.

4. the controller supports the star network topology, and the terminal device uploads data to the controller through radio frequency signals. the controller uploads the information uploaded by the terminal to the server through 4g or ethernet, which makes the communication range wider, so in the solution the deployment of repeaters can be greatly reduced, making the solution cost lower and the deployment simpler. the control box uses mature industrial-grade wireless communication and simple, efficient, and low-failure-rate communication technology to realize the collection and forwarding of lamp information. the lamps can be controlled individually, grouped, and grouped by gateways to meet the diverse needs of customers. when the lamp fails, it can automatically report to the intelligent lighting management control system to realize automatic archiving for future reference; it supports optical fiber or wireless communication in the uplink, and wireless communication (zigbee/lora) in the downlink; it has a built-in intelligent wireless gateway with the load capacity to make each explosion-proof the intelligent control box controls more than 250 sets of intelligent lamps. the selected wireless gateway and street light controller have long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, flexible networking, and can transmit data between devices between one point to multiple points and multiple points to multiple points to form a star network and network network structure such as the shape network. and it can detect current, voltage, power, frequency and temperature of lamps in real time.

5. the main performance of the controller is as follows:

a) it has the characteristics of long distance, low power consumption, multiple nodes and single node;

b) support multiple network access methods such as 2g/3g/4g and tcp/ip;

c) adaptive data transmission rate;

d) lightning protection;

e) support multiple operating frequencies such as cn470mhz/us915mhz/eu868mhz;

f) realize simultaneous reception of multiple frequency points and multiple channels;

g) sealed design, dustproof and waterproof;

h) each controller can have more than 250 lights.

6. all terminal blocks are products of phoenix or weidmüller brand.

7. all exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel.

8. the direction of cable entry and exit can be made into various forms according to user requirements, such as top in and top out, bottom in and bottom out, top in and bottom out, and bottom in and top out.

9. the inlet and outlet ports usually adopt pipe threads and are equipped with cable clamping and sealing devices; they can also be made into metric threads, npt threads, etc. according to user site requirements.

10. both steel pipe and cable wiring are acceptable.

11. outdoor products can be equipped with rain cover according to user requirements. the material is made of stainless steel plate no less than sus304. the thickness of the front protrusion should be 1.5mm higher than the highest point of the plate by 120mm, and both sides should be 50mm wider than the body.

12. the installation method is generally a hanging type, and can be made into a stand-up type, a seat type or a power distribution cabinet type when special requirements are required.

main technical parameters


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