explosion-proof high pole lamp

1. widely used in national defense projects, aerospace engineering, port engineering, storage, large-scale dangerous goods terminal, oil well mining and petrochemical industries need a large area of centralized lighting places;

2. applicable to explosive gas atmospheres in zone 1, zone 2;

3.applicable to ii a, iib, ii c explosive gas atmo-spheres;

4. suitable for combustible dust environment 21, 22;

5. applicable to the protection requirements of high, humid places.

model implication



1. this high pole lamp is with perfect structure, strong intensity, it is convenient to assembly, maintain or replace luminaries, reliable lift system, electric system and advanced technology;

2. lamp pole: it is bended with perfect carbonate steel, welded automatically, all the metal parts are galvanized and passivated, both theinternal and external surfaces shall be protected carefully to delay the service life and save the maintenance charge;

3. explosion-proof distribution system, explosion-proof control box is fixed on the base, built in lighting and motor control system, doublecircuits to supply power, light for part ,it is with manual, optic control and time control ways, which can satisfy different requirements , cable pulling supply, control box and lighting cable adopt special locking device to connect;

4. explosion-proof automatic lift and driving system: it is composed of explosion-proof motor, worm wheel and drum, lamp panel can stop at any position, torsional moment protection, with manual and auto operation functions;

5. hook system: this system is with auto loading and unloading device(with limit switch),the lamp panel will not move by the effect of wind, main steel cable is in relief state, to ensure it can be in stable state even in bad weather;

6. steel cable guide block system: it is composed of three groups of block arm of 120°,arranged and fixed on the top of lamp pole ,each group mounting:a. life time lubricate seal axletree;b. special lamp panel can be locked by itself, drop unloading device ;c. macromolecule non-metal insulation material axletree,it does not damage the surface of cable;d. limit device can prevent the steel cable from going out of the guiding axletree;

7. guiding and break system:it is used to guide the lift of lamp panel, if the steel cable breaks,this can make break protection to prevent the lamp panel falling off. guiding system can make the panel on the middle position during the lift by nylon wheel to avoid panel crashing with pole and damage the lamp pole . break system can be 120°,they are arranged for three groups, three break devices built in the lamp pole, when the hanging steel cable strained again,break device can loose and the panel can lift again. when the steel cable is under the relief state,break device is locked all the time. advanced liquid break technology can prevent steel impact,strong break force without noise;

8. lightning protection earth device: the are special earth device on the explosion-proof high pole lamp,the earth resistance is not more than 10hanical drive parts are treated with non-electric equipment explosion-proof treatment.

9. all the mechanical drive parts are treated with non-electric equipment explosion-proof treatment.

main technical parameters


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