solar explosion-proof street light

1. widely used in hazardous environments such as oil exploration, refining, chemical, military and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, etc. general lighting and work lighting use;

2. applicable to lighting energy-saving renovation projects and places where maintenance and replacement is difficult;

3. applicable to zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

4. applicable to iia, iib, iic explosive gas environment;

5. applicable to areas 21 and 22 of flammable dust environment;

6. applicable to places with high protection requirements and humidity;

7. suitable for low temperature environments above -40 °c.

model implication



1. street lamps are composed of solar modules, intelligent street lamp controllers, (buried) maintenance-free batteries, bad63 explosion- proof lamps, lamp poles and other components. the solar modules are usually dc12v, dc24 monocrystalline silicon plates or polycrystalline silicon solar cells in series and parallel. they are tightly sealed with

tempered glass, eva and tpt. the aluminum alloy frame is installed around the periphery, which has strong wind and hail resistance. the conversion rate is greater than 90%. the lamps are composed of common industrial lighting fixtures and explosion-proof lamps, welded poles made of high-quality steel plates, intelligent street lamp controllers installed in the base of the bottom of the poles, and maintenance-free batteries buried in the ground.

2. main working principle: the solar cell module converts solar radiation into electric energy during the day, and charges the maintenance-free battery. at night, the battery supplies power to the light source load (explosion-proof lamps). the light source (explosion-proof lamps) is set by the street lamp intelligent controller in the daytime. automatically illuminate the explosion-proof lamps, the intelligent street lamp controller has overcharge, over discharge, protection, and control the opening and lighting time of the explosion-proof lamps.

main technical parameters


order note

1. select one by one according to the rules in the meaning of the model specifications, and add the explosion-proof mark after the meaning of the model specification. the specific embodiment is: "product model - specification code explosion-proof mark order quantity". for example, if the explosion-proof street light is 30w and the number is 20 sets, the order is: "model: bad63-specification: 20p ex d iic t6 gb 20".

2. for the selected installation form and accessories, see p431~p440 in the lamp selection manual.

3. if there are special needs, please specify in the order.