emergency lighting controller

it is widely used in petroleum exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, civil construction and other industries with fire hazards. it is placed in the fire control room as a device to control and display the working status of centralized control fire emergency lamps, centralized power supply for emergency lighting and related accessories.

model implication



1. the emergency lighting controller is composed of industrial computer, fire power module, communication circuit module and backup power supply. among them, the industrial computer receives fas fire alarm signal, and the communication module is equipped with 8 circuits.

2. as the main control equipment, the emergency lighting controller, together with the centralized power supply for emergency lighting (special emergency power supply for fire emergency lamps), the centralized fire emergency lighting lamps and the centralized fire emergency lighting sign lamps, constitutes a centralized fire emergency evacuation indication system.

3. real time monitoring and management of terminal equipment data and status.

4. intelligent network analysis, guide the terminal to indicate the evacuation direction, provide the best and safest escape path and light up the lighting lamps, or guide according to the preset scheme.

5. it can save the working log records of the operating system, the data storage capacity is greater than 10000, and the storage time after the system power down is greater than 10 years.

6. display fault information, including fault type, time and location, and give audible and visual signal alarm.

7. monitor the battery status, output status and input status of emergency power supply at any time.

8. can bus communication is adopted between the host and the centralized power supply.

9. it can be seamlessly connected with fas fire alarm system.

10. the software interface is friendly, the human-computer interaction is simple, and the menu is equipped with software startup; interface introduction; set up; place, modify, delete and find; command; query history; linkage and other pages, the operators can master the software functions and complete the system networking debugging after simple training.

main technical parameters

order note

1.select one by one according to the rules in the meaning of the model. for example, if the emergency lighting controller is required and the installation form is cabinet type, the product model is fc-c-b-c006.

2.if there is any special demand, it shall be specified in detail when ordering.