portable explosion-proof searchlight

1. widely used in oil exploration, oil refining, chemical, military and other hazardous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places for inspection and mobile lighting purposes;

2. suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1, zone 2;

3. explosive atmosphere: class ⅱa,ⅱb, ⅱc;

4. suitable for combustible dust environment in the area 22, 21;

5. it is suitable for places requiring high protection, humidity and corrosive gases.

model implication



1 . it is made of aluminum alloy with high hardness. the surface with sand blasting, has beautiful appearance.

2 . special lamp, long-life, low-consume, save energy and high efficient, gather lighting is soft (can be used for traffic accidents and criminal investigation at the scene photography , the marks, fingerprints, photographs etc.), luminous flux, 1200 lumen, flight range 600m, continue working time 8hours, if working luminous flux 600 lumen, continue working time over 12 hours.

3. it adopts pulse adjust technical can be chosen;

4 . it adopts high-energy non-memory environmental protection batteries, big capacity, no-pollution, charge and discharge performance is excellent, low self-discharge rate;

5 . with low-voltage protecting and anti-mistake equipment, the switch can be locked if no using, after normal using, it locked automaticlly;

6 .  easy to carry, can be handheld, shouldered and so on, has a good water- proof, dust-proof function.

main technical parameters

order note

1. accord with the model implication's rules to select regularly, and ex-mark should be added behind model implication. the template is as following: code for product model implication ex-mark. for example, we need the flameproof flashlight. according to those, the model implication is bs52 exdⅱct6 gb 20.

2. if there are some special requirements, it should be pointed as ordering.