explosion-proof air conditioner

1. widely used in oil exploration, refining, chemical, offshore oil platforms, flammable and explosive atmospheres such as oil tankers;

2. applicable to zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

3. applicable to iia, iib, iic explosive gas environment;

4. applicable to the temperature group is t1~t4/t5/t6;

5. as a plant, warehouse refrigeration, heating and air conditioning.

model implication



1. explosion-proof type is explosion-proof, increased safety, intrinsically safe, and sealed composite type;

2. the product is divided into cabinet air conditioner and hanging air conditioner according to the structure. according to the function, it is divided into single cold type and cold type;

3. explosion-proof air conditioner adopts “geli” brand machine, which is modified by explosion-proof treatment, with stable and reliable cooling and heating performance and low noise. it is an indispensable equipment for flammable and explosive places to ensure personal safety and normal operation of production equipment and to improve the comfort of working environment;

4. the product has a large cooling energy. the maximum cooling capacity of the cabinet air conditioner can reach 26000w (10 horsepower), and the maximum cooling capacity of the hanging air conditioner can reach 5000w (2 horses);

5. explosion-proof air conditioners are generally factory-set in manual control mode, and can also be designed as remote control mode according to user requirements.

main technical parameters


order note

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