explosion-proof power box ( cable maintaining set)

1. it is widely used in flammable and explosive gas environment such as oil exploitation, refining, chemical industry, offshore oil platform, oil tanker, etc. it is also used in flammable dust places such as military industry, port, grain storage and metal processing;

2. applicable to zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

3. applicable to iia, iib, iic explosive gas environment;

4. applicable to areas 21 and 22 of flammable dust environment;

5. applicable to the temperature group is t1 ~ t4 / t5 / t6;

6. mainly used for power distribution of on-site mobile maintenance work.

model implication



1. dish and explosion-proof bolt one-step die-casting modeling is made with high strength alumni without copper, frame body take high quality carbon armor plate jointed, high strength, and fine explosion-proof. due to high voltage static spray after high-speedy polish, and plastic powder with good adhesion, the surface features good antiseptic property with clean and elegant appearance;

2. with protection of overload and short circuit, also can add eeakage protection device according to customer’s request;

3. there are on off indication, the earthing contact is longer than the main contact, when pluging, plug the earth plug first; when pulling out, pull the earth contact later;

4. the socket and plug are interlocked, so they should be pulled out after cutting the power;

5. the cable plate can be turned actively and moved easily because of the bracket and moving wheels;

6. cable length (standard): 30m,the length can be added to 100m on request;

main technical parameters


order note