explosion&corrosion-proof master controller

1. it is widely used in flammable and explosive gas environment such as oil exploitation, refining, chemical industry, offshore oil

platform, oil tanker, etc. it is also used in flammable dust places such as military industry, port, grain storage and metal processing;

2. applicable to zone 1 and zone 2 of explosive gas environment;

3. applicable to iia, iib, iic explosive gas environment;

4. applicable to areas 21 and 22 of flammable dust environment;

5. applicable to corrosive gases, moisture, and high protection requirements place;

6. applicable to the temperature group is t1 ~ t6;

7. used as command transmission and status monitoring.

model implication



1. the outer casing is made of glass fiber unsaturated polyester resin (smc) with high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal stability. the surface of the product has “ex” explosion-proof mark.

2. the explosion-proof structure of the increased safety enclosure is equipped with explosion-proof components. it adopts the "building block" type module splicing structure, which is small in size, neat and beautiful, and takes up less space on the installation site; light weight, convenient installation and maintenance.

3. the interior can be equipped with special explosion-proof electrical components such as indicators, buttons, meters, switches, etc. according to user requirements.

4. the built-in explosion-proof control button is compact, and the button head has five specifications, such as mushroom type, rubber head type and lock type.

5. the explosion-proof signal lamp is sealed by the light-emitting component and the power supply component. the structure is reasonable and the explosion-proof performance is good.

6. the explosion-proof ammeter can display the overload current value of five times the range. it is also equipped with a red adjustable pointer, which is used to indicate the current value of the normal load. the operator can monitor the operation at any time.

7. the patented protective structure has strong protection ability, and all exposed fasteners of the product are made of stainless steel.

main technical parameters


order note

1. when ordering, user must supply the corresponding electrical diagram or wiring diagram. we should, select the right enclosure and offer you technical plan to manufactwre after you confirm.

2. please indicate the model, size, ex-mark and qty;

3. if the brand of built-in components is not same with ours, please indicate.

4. user can supply the built-in components if they satisfy the explosion-proof request.